Wooden Kids Furniture

Why choose funiture for kids?

"Parents plan with far-reaching consideration for their children." This phrase conveys the idea that parents make plans and decisions with the long-term well-being and future of their children in mind.

Creating a healthy environment for your child is a very important step, both at school and at home. This is one of the reasons why children's toys are so popular with sensible parents.

As the family economy is different, we can do economical children's furniture made of MDF environmentally friendly materials, plywood children's furniture and high-quality solid wood children's furniture.


Wooden Table and Chairs Set

MOQ 50 pcs

You can choose 2 chairs or 4 chairs.

Wooden Table and Chair

This piece of toddler furniture can be used as a beginner chair, big kid chair, stool, and table. It is a

versatile piece that easily transforms from a portable toddler seat to a step stool for kids or an activity surface.

3 in 1 Pikler Triangle Toys

3 in 1 pikler toys with our innovative design, this set provides 3 different play options in one compact unit. It includes a climbing triangle, ladder, and climbing ramp.

Your kids will have endless fun exploring the various activities, keeping them engaged and entertained for hours.

Durability and safety for maximum weight capacity-130 lbs.

Rotating Bookshelf

This 360 degree rotating bookcase is made of original pine wood, no paint, no smell, hand polished, no burrs.

Three-story open revolving bookshelf, with 12 small compartments for storing books, decorations, daily necessities, children’s toys, etc. The co