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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”-Albert Einstein

With that in mind, Tooky Toy came to existence in 2004. Tooky Toy is a place to find creative alternatives to the wooden toys you love! I started Tooky Toy with a dream to make the best wooden toys possible. Everyday, we look for creative ways to take ordinary everyday objects and turn them into timeless and durable wooden toys. Our toys grow with your child, encourage imagination, incorporate real-life skills, and build fine motor skills. All of our toys are eco-friendlily manufactured. They meet, and in most cases, exceed the strictest international toy safety standards,

Thanks to our dedicated staff and our loyal and supportive partners, TookyToy has become one of the fastest growing wooden toy companies in China. With branch offices founded in Europe and distributors spreading all over the world, our toys can now be found on the shelves of many prestigious points of sales across five continents. And we will continue with our dream to bring the best wooden toys to a child’s world, a world of magic and imagination, a world that Tooky Toy can help unfold.

Seventeen years later, Tooky Toy still believes in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.

Join us. Let’s be creative. Let’s have fun.

Tooky Toy -- Brand Business

<19 years experience with wooden toys, distributors 38 countries.

<Get $6,600,000 brand order in 2022 year, growth rate is 47%.

<With up to 150 different items in 2022; Constantly updated products, 30 new items will be released each quarter.

<Free test reports make global market access easy; Toys conform to CE, ASTM, and EN71 standards

<A ready-to-ship inventory allows you to ship your order within 2 weeks.

<Providing HD images, lifestyle images, and videos for social media marketing; Low MOQ: 50-100pcs.

Tooky Toy -- Brand DISTRIBUTOR

We will set marketing protection for our exclusive distributors. Besides, once the exclusive distributor achieves committed annual turnover(as per distribution agreement), we will give extra bonus, the value is 2% of annual turnover.


1/ MOQ: 100pcs for items less than USD10/pc; 50pcs for items above USD10/pc;

2/ In case qty is less than standard MOQ, order accepted with extra handling USD10/design(not each item);

3/ Extra labour cost of inner box label: USD0.10/pc (excluding film and label cost);

4/ 3% – 10% Discount on different amount.

5/ Shipping handling USD200/shipment for order value less than USD5000;

6/ Subject to Tooky standard package, CE and ASTM test included;

Teach you buy TOOKY BRAND wooden toys.

Learn the left information before buying, you will know;


>Custom label fee

>3%-10% term of discount

>Additional fee for small order

>Certificate inclusion options

Find TOP toys below with price. 

TOP sales Wooden toy - Explore Age Play Kits

More Than A Toy. Play to learn, Enjoy the process.

The looker, Senser Play Kit

0-6 Months infants start to be sensitive to the light and sound and start to realize the new world. This box can help 0-6m infants to build new connections in the brain through high contrast images and soothing sound.

The Thinker Play Kit

7-12 Months babies will know more about surroudings and be interested in details. This box takes advantage of baby’s natural curiosity about how things work to explore textures, practice nesting and stacking and learn about the permanence ofobjects.

The Babbler, Pioneer Play Kit

13-18 Months toddlers are learning and feeling more. This box offers new challenges about balance, object permanence, spatial awareness, as well as an early enlightenment of physics.

The Realist, Companion Play Kit

19 – 24 Months; This toy set will help children aged around 2 years old to deal with various situations confidently, identify differences, improve fine motor skills and as always learn through games.

The Helper, Enthusiast Play Kit

25 – 36 Months; This box will support the development of their natural curiosity and provides an early understanding of mathematics.

The Story Teller Play Set

36 Months;At this stage, children will have a rapid development on language, independence, curiosity and social skills.This box will support children’s developing skills during magical age.  



5 Promotional toys, the price is 20% - 35% lower than the regular price.

This is a benefit for our agents. 12 fine selected popular toys, produced in super large quantities, zero profit to bring down price by 20% – 35% for promotion.


Pull Along Snail

$7.3 35% off $4.6

Noah’S Ark

$6.4 30% off $4.5

Knock Bench

$5.45 30% off $3.8

Shape Sorter

$5.6 30% off $3.9

Function Block

$6.4 30% off $4.5

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