Wooden Game

Wooden games most recently became popular on after the epidemic.

Common are games designed on the theme of math, letters, memory, shape building, traffic, dinosaurs, space, orientation, maze, fishing, navigation, two-dimensional, three-dimensional imagination. In our list of products for sale, each theme of the game can be favored by different customers, they usually choose according to the series and then sold in a package, because this is more conducive to sales and we can also get better prices from suppliers.

Wooden games are usually played by two people together, so they have a lot of water has been parent-child toys. For example, our hottest memory games and rock stacking games, sales have been on the rise for 5 years. We have nearly 100 employees, partners with children will definitely have this toy at home, the children like it so much that they will introduce it to their all friends to play. So we also often organize kindergarten fundraising activities.

The most important thing is that we have our own design and development team, if you choose us, you will get the unique wooden game.


Color Schemes

Test commision

Function video service

Water varnish painting

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Popular wooden


Apple memory game, of couse we can use other theme.

Aeroplane Chess, 2 in 1 games Ludo Snakes and Ladders

New Game Toy

Most game toys have function specification, and some of the have existed function video, you can find them in Youtube (search Tooky)

These are some more game toys and we have over 100 designs for you to choose from. Contact us to get E-catalog. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about this project.