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Imagination is the foundation of learning

Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs both had it right, the only limitation we have is our imagination.With creative thinking, any problem can be solved, any discovery can be made, and any dream can be fulfilled.

 It is creative thinking that helps us think BIG and act like creators.

 Tookyland was created to celebrate kids’ natural curiosity and creativity. While helping parents bring fun experiences to their children, we make it fun and easy for families to spend time exploring, creating, and performing together.

 Every parent around the world wants whats best for their children, but in an ever-changing world, we believe the problem solving skills and creative thinking that kids gain today will help them tackle the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

 Happy Exploring! Enjoy Performing! 

Finger Paint

Children learn from arts & crafts toys

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Finger paints, dot paints, markers, crayons, pencils, big artist kits


Kids craft supplier kit, cotton sand, play dough, slime


Steam, puzzle, outdoor

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