The Play Kit

The educational age toy set is a tool to help your child’s brain develop.

0 - 6 months

Welcome to the first view of the child. First they saw black and white, then red, last they can see more and play more. 


7 - 12 months

At this stage, your child goes from sitting, crawling to standing and even walking on their own! They will enjoy exploring the world. And these toys are one of the best tools.

13 - 18 months

You’ll find more picture books from here, and more toys. Ask them to help you connect with the kids.


19 - 24 months

There will be more educational toys to get kids thinking. Rather than simply recognizing colors, shapes, etc. You’ll be surprised at how much your child can do on his own!


25 - 36 months

Children will have more skills and their desire to explore will increase. It’s time to get some toys with a mathematical mind for them.


At this time the little baby will go to school, which is a happy thing. He needs to get more knowledge from reading, exploring by hand, thinking, and this kit will be the best choice.

More Designs!!!