R&D department

We are proud of our R&D capability, and we heavily rely on it. Since 2021, many reforms have been taken place and it absolutely change the role of R&D. It was assigned to fulfill ODM/OEM needs from various customers, up till today, it has gained the capability to proactively develop new products and lead the trends.


Over 500 fine selected products + over 40 quarterly new launches

Free Customized Designs

9 experienced product managers, just a phone call away, they will convert toy into new style with your brand characteristics

Customized package

4 packaging experts offer not only safe package, but legal labeling for market access

Test report

Not sure of testing standards? You can leave test with us, till we get a final “pass” test as per your market requires

Lifestyle Pictures

Never feel helpless about marketing! We can offer you lifestyle pictures, post in social media is just a click away

Short Videos

We produce hundred short videos each year. Check with our sales for “Short Video Paid-Service & Discount Program”

Exclusivity program

After spending a tremendous amount of resources on marketing and advertising, we may see competitors sharing our fruits of labor by carrying very similar products. How to obtain some kind of protections? An “exclusivity program” needed to be put in place, check with our sales.